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Your Questions. Answered

At unvelope.com, our goal is to make our site as welcoming and as easy to use as possible. Below you’ll find the questions most frequently asked by members and prospective members. Please check here first to see if one of these answers addresses your concern satisfactorily. 


•  Have a question that is not addressed above? Please contact us at support@unvelope.com

How do I become an unvelope member?
It’s simple. Click the Join button at the top of the Site pages or on other membership information pages and fill in the required information for “Creating an Account” using a “case sensitive” password that you create. “Case sensitive” means that our Site remembers that you use upper or lower case letters in your password and then knows if the password is input correctly each time you enter it at login. When completed, your unvelope membership will give you full access to all the Site’s features and member benefits and allow you to begin personalizing, scheduling and sending our e-cards. 

What are the requirements to view unvelope animated ecards?
Adobe Flash Player is required to view the animated e-cards on our Site. Chances are Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or higher is already installed on your computer. A variety of, but not all, handheld devices utilize Flash Player as well. If Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or higher is not installed on your computer, you can get the FREE download of the latest Adobe Flash Player by clicking on the Flash Player Icon on the bottom of our Home Page and following the simple download and installation instructions that Adobe provides. Really. You’ll be able to download Flash Player in a flash.

How long are Unvelope animated ecards?
Under one minute—most under 45 seconds. We value your time as well a that of your recipients.

What browsers do you recommend using for unvelope.com?
We recommend using the following browsers to view our site offerings: 
Safari 5.0 or later
Firefox 3.0 or later
Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
Chrome 7.0 or later

How do I ensure receipt of email notifications from unvelope.com?
The Internet Mail System though brilliantly devised, remains imperfect. Some mail, unfortunately, does not reach an intended recipient due to a variety of reasons. Junk mail, spam, parental blocks and corporate as well as host filters/firewalls are the predominant causes for "unviewed cards."    

It is up to the "junk mail" filter your mail provider sets up to determine what denotes "spam" for each piece of mail sent to you. To better ensure that you receive all future mailings from unvelope.com, we suggest that you configure your mail provider (i.e.: aol, gmail, etc.) to accept emails from unvelope.com. In this way, you will avoid our mail being labelled as "spam" or "junk" mail.

To best ensure that you receive our email notifications, please add the following email addresses to your "email address book" and/or to your "safe senders" list: <support@unvelope.com> and <noreply@unvelope.com>  If they are not added, there's a chance that you will not receive our emails. Instead, they will be bounced back to unvelope.com or otherwise diverted by your "junk mail" filter.

How do I update my email address? 
1. Login using the email address and the “case sensitive” password you used to become a member. 
2. Click on “My Account” and then go to “Update My Account Settings.” 
3.  Enter your new email address in the email section of the form. 

Can you help me login to my account if I don’t recall the password I chose?
If you can’t recall your password information and you are already on the login page, just  enter your email address and click on the “Forgot My Password” link. On the form that opens, enter a "new password" in the Password field and then enter the new password again in the "confirm password" field. Click the "submit" button. You will then receive a confirmation email message. The new password will not be activated until you click on the link in the email message and follow the prompts to activate your new password. 

Please note that we can only reset your password if your current member email address is up-to-date. If you have changed your email address, did not update your membership account information or no longer have access to your old email address, you will need to contact us at support@unvelope.com

How do I pick up my Unvelope ecard? 
When you have been sent an unvelope e-card, you will receive an email telling you who sent the e-card and providing you with two ways to choose from to view your personalized unvelope ecard.
1. Click on the link that includes a secure code number and go directly to your ecard.
2. Go to www.unvelope.com, click on the “Pick up” icon at the top right of the page and type or paste your card code into the designated space. 

Either way, you will get to enjoy a very special message created just for you.

Please note that if you have any mail controls or spam filters, or if you have received a message that your server is blocking mail you receive from unvelope.com, your unvelope ecard notification email message might have been directed to your SPAM or JUNK folder. We suggest that you check theses folders if you have been advised that an unvelope ecard has been sent to you and the email notification did not arrive in your Inbox.

Can I get simple instructions explaining how to use your site? 
Yes. Everyone who visits our Site can browse and preview our collection of animated and “still” (non-animated) ecards. All along the way, you will be prompted regarding “next steps” or experience a clear path to viewing, personalizing and sending unvelopes. We’ve made the process as easy as possible for your use.

While browsing our Site or viewing cards requires no login, in order to personalize and send “unvelopes,” both “members” and “free trial guests” must login with their email address and password. Unvelope.com members have access to all our Site features and will be able to take advantage of member benefits. Those choosing to try our site for free, however, have only limited Site access. Free trial guests can browse and preview all cards, but can only personalize and send cards listed under “FREE” cards in our collections list. 

Click on any of our "featured"unvelope e-cards on our Home page or those listed under our “collections” list on the left side of all our Site pages. Browse through our ecards, preview them and choose the ones you’d like to send as either a member or free trial guest, noting the restrictions for the latter. 

1.  Preview an Unvelope ecard 
• Click directly on a “Featured” card on our Home Page or select a category from our “collections.” Free cards are listed in the Collections list as well. 

Featured cards will enlarge and play right on our Home Page. If you click on a "collection," you will be taken to that specific category where you can click and play your chosen unvelope ecard in a larger viewing area.

•  When the card has finished playing—or anytime during your viewing, you can click on the “X” (close button) in the upper right hand corner or click off the preview area to close it and return to the page you were on. Or you can click on “next” or “previous,” or “login, personalize and send” and proceed to send a sensational unvelope ecard.

2.  Personalize the Unvelope ecard you’ve chosen.
•  Select the card you wish to send.
•  Click the “login, personalize and send” button on the preview area.
•  Follow the page prompts on the login page and those on the personalize, schedule and send page:
•  In the “Personalize” area, choose a font from the choices available and enter your personal message in the visible space provided. (See “Tips on enhancing your personalization,” below.) Enter your personal note for your recipient that will appear at the end of the unvelope card and that you will be able to preview exactly as your recipient will see it.
• Type the email address of the recipient into the "send to" box. If the recipient is in your Address Book, begin to type the name or the email address of the recipient. After a few letters have been entered, a list holding the names and email addresses of the people who match the letters you entered is displayed. Click on the name of the recipient from that list.
• If you are sending a particular card to several people at the same time, place commas between the email addresses.
•  Click on the calendar icon next and choose a date you would like to schedule your card to be sent. Please note that scheduling cards in advance of the current date is a member benefit. Only members can schedule cards to be sent at a future date within the membership period.

3. View what your recipient will see 
•  Click the “preview my ecard” button to preview the ecard with your personal  message. You will be able to see the card as your recipient will see it.

Once you’ve previewed your personalized ecard, you’ll still be able to edit, preview your ecard again or just preview a revised personalization. 

4.  Send your Unvelope ecard
•  You can send your ecard from the personalization area or from the preview area. All buttons to click are clearly visible at the bottom of the page. 
•  Once you click “send” you will be taken to “My Unvelope Ecards”—your personal database of scheduled and sent cards. Here you can still edit a card, if necessary, or just confirm that your unvelope is scheduled to be sent. 

The person I sent an e-card to didn’t receive it. Can you help? 
While this rarely happens, if at all, there are two most likely scenarios for not receiving an online ecard. (1) An incorrect address was inadvertently entered in the recipient email address area and (2) a delivery failure due to the recipient’s internet provider having routed the e-card notification to a “bulk” or “spam” folder.

First, make sure that your recipient’s e-mail address is correct. Go to My Account and to “View My Unvelopes” and confirm that the card was "sent."  Then, check that your recipient's email address is correct.

If the ecard was sent, your recipient's email address is correct, and your recipient hasn’t received it, the ecard notification email message may have been directed to the recipient's JUNK or SPAM folder. Ask your recipient to check those folders, or contact their internet service provider (ISP) to ensure that the notification email message wasn't blocked from delivery.

If the recipient is not able to find the ecard, you have the option to "manually resend" the card notification to your recipient via your personal email. Click here to learn more about this option. 

How do I use the Address Book feature? 
Unvelope members can conveniently store and manage information they input in their Personal Address Book on their friends, associates and relatives. Once you have logged in, click “My Account” at the top of the page. Scroll down to “Manage Address Book” and click on it.

Here you will be able to input, add, edit and delete names and personal information associated with those names. The name in your address book will not only appear when you start to enter that name in your “send to” information on your ecard personalization page, but you will be able to send a direct email to that individual if you double click on their email address. How convenient! So, if you don’t want to forget a special occasion or someone’s email address, it’s a good idea to make use of your personal unvelope address book.

To ADD a contact:
•  Click the link “add new contact”.
•  Enter the first name, last name, email address, and, optionally, important dates you want to remember for this person.
•  Click the “submit” button to store this information in your address book.

To EDIT a contact:
•  Click the alphabetical letter category on the right.
•  Click “Edit” for the entry you wish modify
•  Make the desired updates to the entry.
•  Click the “Save” or “Cancel” buttons as needed.

To DELETE a contact:
•  Click the alphabetical letter category on the right.
•  Find the contact you wish to delete
•  Click on the delete button on the contact name you wish to remove.

How many addresses can I store in My Unvelope Address Book?
For Personal Memberships, you may store an unlimited number of  entries in your unvelope address book. 

Can I see a history of the ecards I’ve sent?
Yes. Both members and Free Trial guests can view a list of all the ecards they have sent from unvelope.com. Since a benefit of membership is scheduling cards in advance to be delivered on a future date, members have the advantage of also viewing, editing or canceling ecards scheduled to be sent on a future date.

Once you have logged in, go to the “My Account” at the top of our Site pages and click on “View My Unvelopes.” 

View all your Scheduled and Sent unvelope ecards. If you want to take a specific “action” on a “Scheduled” card, go to the last column on the right entitled, “Actions.”   Here, you can preview, edit, or delete (cancel) a specific card. You might see that a card you sent is still in the "Scheduled Unvelope Ecards" list. Those cards will be mailed at 9AM ET on the date you requested they be sent. Please note: cards scheduled for same day delivery are mailed every 30 minutes on the half hour, so you may see that unvelopes you wanted to send on the same day you chose them, are still in the "Scheduled" list. 

How can I use My Unvelope Ecards page to my advantage?
The beauty of the My Unvelope Ecard listing is that you can keep track of where the unvelope you requested we deliver is in the delivery cycle. You can see if it is in the "Scheduled" area at the very top of the page, if it has been sent and is in the "Sent" area and if it has or has not been"viewed" by your recipient(s).  Based on this personalized card listing you can decide whether you need or want to take any action regarding your scheduled ecard like editing your unvelope ecard personalization, changing the date you want to send it or even deleting it.

If in your "sent"sent cards you notice that your card has not yet been viewed, it could be for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that your recipient just didn't get to viewing it yet even though they received it. Other reasons for non-viewing are noted above (The person I sent an e-card to didn’t receive it. Can you help?)  You might choose to contact the recipient to ask why they might not have "viewed" the card you sent before you click on "resend," which is another option. All in all, we recommend you become familiar with this page as it will be helpful to you in knowing which card you sent, when you sent or scheduled it and what you wrote in your personalization.

Can I purchase unvelope memberships to give as gifts?
Absolutely.  Unvelope memberships are a great value and are gifts that recipients can enjoy using 365 days a year. Learn more about Unvelope Gift Membership

Can I get some tips on enhancing my ecard personalization?
With pleasure. Personalization offers flexibility. As a Free Trial Guest you can personalize and send for same day delivery any of the Free cards listed as such in the Collections list. As a member, personalization permits you to choose any and all ecards on our Site. You can make most any card a “Birthday”, “Anniversary”, “Congratulations”, or “Get Well” card, even if those words do not appear in the text. If it’s your girlfriend’s birthday, for example, and you want to send her one of our “Girlfriend” ecards, just wish her a “Happy birthday” in the personalization area.

When you’re ready to personalize and send your unvelope ecard, you will be typing your text into the “message” area on the “Personalize and Send” page. 

•  Type in your text and choose a typeface/font that appeals to you (have no fear—you can always change the font by clicking on the choices to the left of your message area. 
• Format your message with paragraph breaks (spaces) if you write a long message or, if you are just adding a short message, add a few spaces to the top of the message to center it top and bottom in the message area. 
• We suggest that you input your text, preview your card and personal message, review it carefully and, if you wish, go back and edit the message by changing a font or adding or deleting spaces.

At unvelope.com, our goal is to make our site a valued resource for you every day of the year. If your question was not answered to your satisfaction, please contact us at support@unvelope.com so that we may address your specific needs. 

Thank you for using unvelope.com. We hope we will be able to help you open hearts and minds and that you enjoy sending unvelopes as much as we enjoy creating them for you.