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1-Year Membership

A one-year Personal Membership offers access to our entire selection of animated and non-animated (still) ecards and will allow you to preview, personalize, schedule and send any of the ecards offered on our Site — at no additional cost — to anyone you choose…as often as you like…for the full term of your membership. — US $12

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2-Year Membership

Purchasing a 2-year Personal Membership allows you to enjoy the same benefits of site usage as for a 1-year Membership, with the added bonus of saving you money—not to mention even more trees. Whichever membership you choose, unvelope.com will be delighted to help you open lines of communication all year long. — US $18

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1-Year Gift Membership

Gift it and Go Green. Gift Memberships can be purchased for one- or two-year terms. Recipients will have access to all Site offerings. Eco-friendly and thoughtful, you'll be giving the gift they'll remember you by all year long. And don't be surprised if you get an immediate "unvelope" thank you from recipients! — US $12

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2-Year Gift membership

Gift it and Go Green for two years. Recipients of your generous, environmentally conscious and thoughtful gift will have access to all Site offerings for two years. With a 2-year membership, you'll be giving the gift they'll remember you by all year long and into the next. — US $18

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