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It’s not about us. It’s about you.

You have style, discriminating taste and a sense of fun. You’re in the right place. Here you can search... find... personalize… schedule and send sensational ecards that reflect the way you think and feel. Here, you’ll never be at a loss for words again in personal relationships or in business.

Think out of the category.
Looking for a birthday or anniversary card? Search beyond those specific categories. For example, choose a card from the "Fun-E" or "Must-See" card collections and add your personal birthday or anniversary greeting. Be creative, have fun and let Unvelope work for you.

So, what can Unvelope do for you?

  1. First and foremost, unvelope.com can save you money without sacrificing style, substance or a welcomed response from your recipients. Personal Memberships are only US $12/year or US $18/two years. That's it. There is no additional cost to send individual cards. 
  2. Make it easy to communicate what you think and how you feel through high-end artistic cards that help you speak for yourself.
  3. Build and enhance personal and business relationships that impact the quality of your life.
  4. Enable you to respond to news affecting your friends, family and business associates in real time (engagements, pregnancies, new job, promotion, etc.).
  5. Offer you a chance to open a dialogue with someone with whom you haven’t been in contact recently.
  6. Get you off the hook—in a fast and memorable way—for not having contacted your parents and grandparents and other people who most want to hear from you.
  7. Save you the time of weeding through dozens of greeting cards you don’t want to send by going directly to a site with an array of animated cards—all under a minute—that you can’t wait to send.
  8. Help you stand out in a crowded field.
  9. Ensure you never miss acknowledging a special or important date again.
  10. Provide you with an easy way to live greener by reducing the number of paper cards you send annually.
Ever forget important dates? Who Hasn't?
When you can’t rely on your memory…Rely on unvelope.com. On our site you can:
  • Set up a personal calendar with special dates you want to remember and acknowledge.
  • Schedule an unvelope ecard for immediate or future delivery.
  • Create and manage your personal address book with relevant names, email addresses and dates to remember.
  • Review unvelope ecards you’ve sent and to whom they were sent.
  • Read articles of interest to you to improve and build/enhance your personal and business relationships.

Relationships are complicated. Unvelope.com is easy.

Want to let someone know you’re romantically interested?
Want to help a friend cope with a tough time?
Want to give someone a much-needed laugh?
Want to say you’re sorry for what happened?
Want to tell someone how much they’re appreciated?
Want to remind business associates how important they are to you?

In these instances and others, unvelope.com has a perfectly elegant ecard solution for you.

The back story.

Led by entrepreneurs who have worked in corporate and consumer marketing communications for over 20 years, our team of sensitive and talented writers, photographers and artists are completely focused on helping people communicate beautifully—and better—through ecards. Everyone has worked tirelessly to see our (and their) vision become reality, with the end result being that you have the ability to send the right message personally and professionally.

Possibly much like you, we wanted to find tasteful, sophisticated and elegant ecards that represented who we are. Unvelope.com was born out of our own frustration in not finding existing online cards that presented the images and sentiments we wanted to express: cleverness, heartfelt sincerity, sarcasm, caring and professionalism. We knew we were not alone in feeling this way, so we decided to create our own line of distinctive musical animated e-cards (and some “still”/non-animated cards for those really in a hurry,) on a site that was simple to navigate for people of all technical capabilities.

So, how do you get started?

If you’re computer savvy, go ahead and navigate to your heart’s content. If you’re not, we’ve made it easy to click and find just what you’re looking for. Of course, you can always check out our FAQ (frequently asked questions) area for clarification and tips on how to send your unvelope ecard. 

On occasion, you can send free cards on a limited trial basis, or you can become a member  for just US $12/year or US $18/two years and choose from a wider variety of e-cards. We’re convinced that once you explore unvelope.com, you’ll see the value of Membership.

We hope you enjoy our Site as much as we enjoy putting our “art and soul” into every unvelope we create for you. Thank you for visiting our Site.