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Cards that have not been received or viewed

If your recipient hasn't received card notification or "viewed" the ecard you sent:

There is a difference between one not receiving a "card notification" and a card that has "not been viewed." In the latter case, a card email notification might very well have been received; however, the recipient has not read the notification or clicked on the link to view their card for a variety of reasons. In some instances, the email notification might have been inadvertently trashed or the card notification might have been sent to a junk folder or filtered from your receipt altogether based on mail preferences or system firewalls.

If your recipient seems not to have received their Unvelope card notification, double-check the accuracy of your recipient's e-mail address in your address book and in your "My Unvelope Ecards" list/card history. There's always a chance the address is incorrect, misspelled or even recently changed, unbeknownst to you. If one of these issues is the case, you'll need to copy and paste the personalized message from your "My Unvelope Ecards" area into a new card and send the card again...to the corrected address.

If the e-mail address was correct to begin with, make sure we received your request to send the card and that it is in the "cards sent" and not the "cards scheduled" area. If the latter, make sure the date you requested the card be sent is the date you expected the card to be sent and received.

If your Unvelope card was sent and the recipient didn't receive it, his/her internet service provider could be routing the ecard notification to a bulk mail or spam folder. You might ask the intended recipient to check their bulk/spam or junk mail folder for the ecard notification. Or, you can send the ecard email notification to the recipient yourself to increase the chance that the email will arrive directly to their inbox. Resending the email card notification from your personal email address is easy:

1.  Go to "My Unvelope Ecards" from your Account page.

2.  Locate the ecard that has not been viewed or picked up.

3.  Click the "Manual Resend" link. A pop-up window will display the original ecard email notification with the link and code for viewing the Unvelope ecard. Copy the contents of the card notification. Paste it into a new email from your personal email address. Personalize it as you wish and send it to your recipient.