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Don't Procrastinate—Communicate

Don't Procrastinate—Communicate.

Sometimes the thing that puts relationships in jeopardy is not what you say or do, but what you don't say and don't do. We all lead busy lives, and keeping in touch with everyone we care about can be difficult and time-consuming.

But telling yourself that you'll communicate with someone later can often mean much, much later —or not at all.

There is an acceptable period of time in which to return a phone call, text or email. If you let days pass, you're going to start to feel awkward about having let so much time go by, and you're going to be less likely to contact that person and suffer the indignity of having been neglectful of them. Yes, some of your friends will acknowledge, "That's just the way she is; she's bad about getting back to me," but most people will find your behavior unacceptable and will stop reaching out to you.

Whether it's sending an rsvp to a wedding invitation, confirming a lunch date, or acknowledging a birthday, sooner is better. If you act with immediacy, you don't have to remember to respond later. Send back that rsvp card as soon as you receive it if you know your availability to attend. If you don't have time for a conversation, send a quick text or email to confirm your lunch date; and start scheduling online, eco-friendly ecards to send on upcoming occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Staying in touch has never been easier, so make it a practice to let people know that they're on your mind and in your heart. The good feeling they'll get from your attentiveness will be returned to you tenfold.

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