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Because Everyone Knows Someone

Because Everyone Knows Someone

According to playforpink.org, a recognized grass roots fundraising organization, a woman will likely die from breast cancer, on average, every 13 minutes. It is likely, therefore, that "everyone knows someone" who was or is, fighting breast cancer. We need to do something about these dreadful statistics.

The facts about breast cancer aren’t pretty, but those who are at risk — the women in our lives — are pretty wonderful and they are so worth keeping around for as long as possible. 

www.unvelope.com, the art and soul of ecards®, believes it can help change the breast cancer stats one extraordinary free e-card send at a time. 

Eco-friendly Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) E-cards are available on the unvelope.com site for each of us to send for free to all the fabulous women in our lives. One of Unvelope’s goals is to remind the women we love and care about to schedule their mammography — just in case they forgot to do so, or because they deny the need for getting a mammography altogether. (Yes. there are many women who are actually in denial!) By creating a sensitive, uplifting (no pun intended) “mammo-minder” on the easy-to-use unvelope.com site, we are, in effect, making helping to save lives just one click away. 

Stylish, savvy and oh so sensitive, Unvelope’s BCA ecards are more than just “mammo-minders.” The full BCA collection is designed to help you keep in touch with and reach out to that incredible friend or relative who has survived breast cancer or who is undergoing breast cancer treatment. If you just want to tell someone you love them to pieces, you can do that on this site as well. It’s a card site like no other and worth exploring. 

To personalize and send your free mammography reminder, or any other BCA card, for free, go to http://unvelope.com/category/bca-breast-cancer-awareness It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s oh so worthwhile! And BTW, don’t forget to schedule a mammography for yourself as well!

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Live and be well!