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No wrapping…no shipping…no fuss.

It’s the gift you’ll love to send, and the gift they’ll love to receive…the gift they can use 365 days a year, and the gift they’ll remember you by.

Only US $12 for a one year membership or US $18 for a two year membership, unvelope.com Gift Memberships have all of the benefits of Personal Memberships. Giftees will be able to search, find personalize, schedule and send sensational "unvelopes" to anyone they choose. And, you're likely to be on their list. 

We’ll notify the giftee(s) of your generosity, and get them started sending some of the best e-cards on the web all year long.

Our one- or two-year Gift memberships are not automatically renewed, so you won't be obligated to pay any additional costs once the term of the Gift Membership is up. Recipients, however, will be able to renew their memberships once they login, accept your thoughtful gift and manage their account options.

So, go ahead. Gift it and Go Green. And, by the way, please accept our very sincere thanks for choosing to gift unvelope.com.

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