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From time to time we meet extraordinary people we think you—as visitors and members—might wish to know about, Sites that may be invaluable to you and products and services you might just find to be life-altering or just plain out-of-this-world fantastic. We're happy to share these with you through links to these Sites. We are currently in the process of compiling these links for you.

For those of you who have visited Unvelope.com and want to link to us, please contact us. We are always searching for just the right fit and for companies who have something quite wonderful to offer our loyal members.

Always Insightful
Wise, wonderful or otherwise insightful people and/or groups we've been fortunate enough to meet personally or through our social networking efforts. They are definitely share-worthy and we hope you benefit from "meeting" or getting to know them better as well:) 

Stan Goldberg, Ph.D. www.stangoldergwriter.com

Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA)
Every month is breast cancer awareness month, until no one knows anyone whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. Organizations and individuals mentioned below can keep you well-informed and, hopefully, in good health. Some, like M.D. Organix, offer personal care products made from natural, nutrient rich ingredients to enhance your well- being and delight you at the same time. All "pay it forward" and contribute to the BCA effort in some way. 

Be informed, take care of your breast health and send free BCA mammography reminder and other supportive e-cards from Unvelope.com to friends and family. You may end up being a real life-saver by doing so — you'll surely be a true friend.  Live and be well.  
Avon www.avonwalk.org
Play for PINK www.playforpink.org
Bright Pink bebrightpink.org

Career/Life/Wellness Coaching
A little stressed? Aren't we all. Positive, supportive professionals helping others manage stress, improve their lives through lifestyle and career changes and/or wellness coaching. Take advantage of their wisdom and expertise to put you in the right direction for your journey. 
Irene Becker: www.justcoachit.com
Edward Colozzi, Ed.D: www.creatingcareerswithconfidence.com
Laura Lewis Mantell, MD www.lauralewismantellmd.com
Susie Mantell/RelaxInuit www.relaxintuit.com
Becky Scott: www.beckyscottcoaching.com

Restaurants for Foodies
Bring your appetite to any of these restaurants when you're in the neighborhood and make your palate dance! One word sums it up: "Yum."
Mulino's of Westchester (NY) www.mulinosny.com
Trattoria Viviano, Warwick, NY www.trattoriaviviano.com

Woof-Worthy Pet Sites
Whether you're dressing your pampered puppy for success, need senior dog products or thoughtful advice and information on caring for your four-legged BFF, here are some sites that pets-a-gree offer exactly what you're looking for. Definitely "woof-worthy:)" 
DogQuality.com Vancouver, British Columbia http://www.dogquality.com