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Typos in an email address = Delivery failure

Typos in an Email Address = Delivery Failure

Many of us have worked diligently to improve our techie skills in a world that leaves behind those with land-line answering machines. Thanks to technology, we no longer have the constraints of good spelling, correct grammar or even relative coherence. LOL.

But there's still one area in which being accurate is essential;  and it concerns that long ago Mad Men-era prized ability to type. Being in a mad rush and typing precisely are mutually exclusive. That's why so many email addresses are input incorrectly. We're in a hurry. When that's the case, our emails get sent… but they're not received. The email address goes unrecognized by the Internet Mail Delivery Service, and is bounced back to the sender.  It's not different, really, from any postal service — if you have the wrong address on a letter or package, it will likely make it's way right back to you.

Of all the errors we humans make, typing incorrectly is way, way down on our list of priorities—except, that is, if we want to successfully send an email message or online card—any online card—from any company.

So hone those typing and proof reading skills. They may not get you a job working for Don Draper, but they will ensure that your email correspondence is seen.

Send simply extraordinary and eco-friendly animated cards from www.unvelope.com. It's fast, it's easy and we deliver — to all correctly input email addresses.