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Apology 101

If you have ever noticed that what one person considers to be an apology, another might not. That's because apologies are different things to different people. After three years of research, Dr. Jennifer Thomas, et al have concluded that there are five basic elements to an apology.

Why Men Don't Talk

Shocker: Men and women see the world differently. Women don’t get why men don’t talk, and men don’t get why women don’t get that men don’t talk.

Building Trust in a Relationship

To build trust in a relationship, you should strive to be reliable and predictable, honest, diplomatic and true to who you are. This provides a comfort level to the person who is in the relationship with you.

Communication Styles in the Workplace

There are four different communication styles: Open Communicators, Reserved Communicators, Indirect Communicators and Direct Communicators. If you want to be an effective communicator in your workplace, you need to adjust your talk according to the type of person you are talking to.

Rekindling a Lost Relationship

Over time, it’s not unusual for friendships—even really good ones—to get lost in our busy lives. If there is someone with whom you’d like to reconnect, go for it. But do it in the right way.

Don't Procrastinate—Communicate

Sometimes the thing that puts relationships in jeopardy is not what you say or do, but what you don't say and don't do. We all lead busy lives, and keeping in touch with everyone we care about can be difficult and time-consuming.

Holding Tight…Letting Go

As everyone who has ever raised a child knows, being a parent is forever. It is not, however, a forever full-time job. When they're infants, our children are totally dependent on us. We make all the decisions concerning their lives. At some point, however, everyone has to move on.

This Calls for an Apology

You've done it again. You had a not-so-wonderful thought about someone close to you, and suddenly you heard yourself say it out loud for her to hear. "If only there were a rewind button," you think.

Friends as Family—Family as Friends

Talk to enough people and they'll tell you that their friends have become and, in some cases, replaced their family. There are several reasons for this development.

Friendships… Everything Old Can be New Again

You may flirt with the idea of reconnecting with an old friend with whom you've lost touch. Today it’s easy to search the web for current information so that you can make contact. Making contact, however, risks rejection or disappointment. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

More Tech—Less Communication

Through technology we are in touch with more people more frequently, but are we actually communicating with each other less?

Rumor Has It That...

Walk into most any workplace and, if you stop and listen, you'll hear the constant churning of the rumor mill. It's working overtime these days, just like anyone lucky enough to be employed.

Typos in an email address = Delivery failure

Hone those typing and proof-reading skills. They may not get you a job working for Don Draper, but they will ensure that your email correspondence is seen.

Help Make Saving Lives Fashionable

It seems everyone knows someone whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. While early detection has improved the chances of surviving breast cancer, many women still fail to schedule their mammography exam and, hence, place their lives at risk. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody

This touch of brilliance was written in the early ‘80s by Keith Reinhard, a clever AD-man of the MadMen era. Back then, I sent it to “everybody” I knew feeling that these wise words would not only resonate with me, but with friends and business associates for years to come. And they have.

Because Everyone Knows Someone

According to playforpink.org, a recognized grass roots fundraising organization, a woman will likely die from breast cancer, on average, every 13 minutes. It is likely, therefore, that "everyone knows someone" who was or is, fighting breast cancer.